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Highly efficient direct-flow vacuum solar collectors
technical data
technical data

Highly efficient direct-flow vacuum solar collectors with a selective surface that absorbs over 95% of solar radiation

  • Highly efficient direct-flow vacuum collectors with copper heat-pipes and a highly efficient titanium collector for maximum absorption of solar energy.
  • Easy installation and flexibility through vertical or horizontal installation in any position, either on rooftops or on walls.
  • The vacuum tubes can be rotated for optimum alignment with the sun, thereby maximising energy yield.
  • The air gap in the tubes guarantees highly effective thermal insulation.
  • The vacuum tubes are made from special reinforced borosilicate-type glass, ensuring maximum safety and protection from all weather phenomena.
  • The selective surface is incorporated into the vacuum tube so as to be protected from weather conditions and contamination.
  • Minimum metallic surfaces of aluminium that ensure maximum resistance to corrosion.
  • Quick and reliable connection of the vacuum tubes to the distributor pipe thanks to a new and innovative plug-in system that enables every tube to be connected or disconnected very easily without special tools.