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Horizontal boilers made from enamel-coated steel with a capacity range from 160 to 500lt
technical data
technical data
  • Horizontal boilers for hot water for use, wholly made from high-quality stainless steel, and a coil heat exchanger.
  • Unlimited service life thanks to the fact that the boiler and the heat exchanger are made from stainless steel, a highly corrosion-resistant material.
  • Quick and even heating of all boiler water thanks to the large heating surface and the heat-exchanger geometry. In this way, no cool zones are created, due to stratification, near the base of the boiler where bacteria could breed.
  • Highly effective thermal insulation (CFC-free) that considerably reduces thermal losses and is environmentally friendly.
  • Perfectly homogeneous stainless-steel surface that does not rust and ensures hygienic hot water for use to meet all needs, according to the strictest standards.
  • Besides, it is no accident that, because of its properties, the same stainless steel is also used in household articles, drugs laboratories, food industry, etc.